Friday, June 10, 2011

Removing the Balance Wheel

The first step in removing the balance wheel (the big wheel on the right hand side of the machine) is to remove the little set screw on the “clamp screw” (or what I like to call the shiny knob wheel).
See that little screw near the top of the shiny knob? That has to comes off before you can unscrew and remove the clamp screw (aka – shiny knob). Set screw and clamp screw
Here is a photo after the “shiny knob” has been taken off and showing you the “stop motion clamp washer”.
 Clamp screw removed - washer exposed
Experience with refurbishing my Singer 15-91 has taught me that this little washer can be a royal pain in the butt if it isn’t put on correctly.  If you look closely you will notice that there are 3 little bumps the front of the washer and 2 tabs that tip away from the back.   Noticing these things will be handy during reassembly (as will photos).
Clamp washer - frontclamp washer - back (showing tab direction)
After removing the washer you can then pull off the balance wheel.  See all that ugly brown goop on the wheel and inside the motor gear?  That’s 60+ year old grease.  Since it is now the consistency of crystalized molasses it will need to be cleaned out before this baby will purr again.
balance wheel gooBalance wheel removed
Tomorrow I’ll finish disassembling the balance wheel.


  1. After borrowing my mothers old sewing machine to do a bit of sewing, it needed a bit of TLC (aka oil) but the clamp screw would not stay locked, this article helped me remove it and give it a good clean and now it's working good as new. So a big big thank you!

  2. can balance wheel of singer 15-91 be used with singer 201-2. I bought a singer201-2 and the ups broke the balance wheel of singer 201-2