Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lamp Wire Repair

This was an easy project, since the lamp was already disassembled. (see previous post)

The first step was pulling the wires out of the leads tube and then measuring their length.  I then cut two new wires, one black and one white, the same length as the old wires, plus one inch so I would have enough room to make rings to connect them to the 3-pin terminal.

Then I removed the bulb contacts from the end of one of the wires by “de-soldering” them from the old wire.  Here are photos of the bulb contacts just before removal.

Lamp Wire End (3)Lamp Wire End (2)

I re-soldered the bulb contacts to the ends of the new wires.  This takes patience if you are doing this alone.  It is MUCH easier and faster if you have an extra pair of hands to help you hold either the solder, the solder gun the wire, or the bulb contacts .  Holding all 4 at once with just 2 hands is challenging to say the least :)

After that is done, then all you have to do is thread the other end of each wire through the leads tube and either attach brass rings to the end or make rings (I describe how in Motor Rewire Part 2) to connect them to the 3-pin terminal.  Here are photos of the completed project.

Completed lamp wiringterminal ends     bulb end     bulb ends (2)


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