Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bobbin Winder Disassembly

Some of you might have noticed the bobbin winder was missing off the motor in the last few posts.  I’ll walk you through how I did it, but first here are some “before” photos so I can remember how to put it all back together again later.
Front View (from the balance wheel side of the machine)Bobbin winder - front
Side view  Bobbin winder - side Top View  Bobbin winder - top
and views from the Back side (side where the motor/balance wheel attaches to the machine)Bobbin winder - back  Bobbin winder - back side
You may be wondering why so many photos.  It’s because there isn’t instructions in the Adjusters Manual for this part of the machine.  Also, when I cleaned and replaced this mechanism/assembly on my 15-91 I didn’t take that many photos and I had a bugger of a time putting it back together again.  Eventually I did get everything working again on the 15-91, but not without a lot of cussing, disassembly, reassembly, trial and error.  I’d really like to avoid that this time!
Anyway, the first step is removing the screw that holds the bobbin winder wheel in place.  My bobbin winder tire ring (fat gray thing) is not in great shape so it will need to be replaced.  Fortunately my local sewing machine shop carries these in stock.  If you aren’t so lucky they can also be found online at a very reasonable price (<$1)
Bobbind winder wheel assembly removedbobbin wheel assembly
The next step was removing the bobbin winder tension bracket screw that holds the bobbin winder tripping arm (silver thing in the shape of a foot) in place.  When I took that off I could then remove the bobbin winder spring.  Unfortunately that spring had sprung and was in two pieces.  The rust had eaten all the way through the metal here Sad smile 
Broken bobbin winder spring
Finding a replacement spring turned out not to be very difficult.  In fact, you can purchase an entire bobbin winder assembly or just the parts you need from places such as Sew Classic at very reasonable prices (Woo hoo!)
The next thing to do was removing the bobbin winder stop latch which is done by simply removing a single screw.  Note, this part is supposed to be shiny with chrome – not red with rust.  In the next two photos I attempt to show you with the end of a toothpick that there is a tiny hole in the ring portion of this stop latch.
Lever showing spring hole - sideLever showing spring hole - front
I learned the hard way with my 15-91 that this is important because this hole is used to hold one end of the spring in the recess below the stop latch. That little spring has 2 tiny ends on it – one end fits into a hole into the spring recess and the other end fits into the hole of the bobbin winder stop latch.
spring in cavity spring removed - two pins
Hopefully my Evapo Rust will arrive tomorrow, because I am just itching to try it out on these poor rusted bobbin winder parts!


  1. Thank you very much for the images - with their help, I managed to it my bobbin winder back together.

  2. My whole bobbin winder assembly is in great shape on my 201-2 from 1951. I just need to know how to replace the tire (rubber) which I bought at a local Singer parts store. Which screw do I loosen?