Material and Equipment Sources

Here are links for some of the materials and equipment I have used during the restoration of Ms. Rusty.  I would not say unequivocally that these are the best products or best sources of these products.  However, I personally have had success with these products and/or vendors.

Source of waterslide decals -
These are intended for a Singer 301 (3/4 size bed) so they aren't long enough nor have enough corner decals for the bed of a 201. But, they are of the correct design and they come in a "two pack" so I'll have enough extra decals to make them fit my machine.
Evapo-Rust -

This wonderful stuff, can be purchased at at your local retailer or from Amazon. Quoting from their website: "A product of extensive research, EVAPO-RUSTTM rust remover is an environmentally-safe water-based product that removes rust in minutes, without scrubbing."
Power Coating Supplies
Eastwood ( has a full range of powder coating equipment, including home systems, powder, and preparation supplies.  I use their Hot Coat system and their powders.  I've also used their high temp silicone caps and plug kits
Singer 201 Parts
Sew Classic Jenny has many parts for repairing Singer 201's and other vintage sewing machines.  Fast service and very reasonable prices.

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  1. Dose your A.G. Mason improved new wilson machine have its shuttle? If not do you know of a supplier where we could order parts?