Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evapo-Rust to the Rescue!

Remember these very rusty bobbin winder parts?  Well, I decided to these to test out my new bottle of Evapo-Rust. 

Rusty bobbin winder  Evapo-Rust

After only a quick 40 minute soak it was already clear this product was working well

Bobbin winder after 40 min  After 40 minutes ER

Soaking them for an additional overnight soak, the difference was nothing short of amazing!

Longer soakin  Longer soaking

I then turned my attention to my chrome trim pieces.  I had previously used Turtle Wax Chrome Polish And Rust Remover and was reasonably satisfied with the results.  However, it required a ton of elbow grease and I still couldn’t get all the rust off the nooks and crannies of these pieces – especially the rear plate cover.  After taking these pieces and soaking them in Evapo-Rust for a few hours they look nearly brand new!

Before:  Chrome Trim      After:  Bright trim

If you look really close you will notice that there is still some residual rust on the edge of the face plate, so I may give it another soaking just to evaporate the last bit of rust

Faceplate closeup

I am now officially an Evapo-Rust fan! Smile

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  1. A really big difference and now to find some Evapo-Rust for my tool box!! Thank you for the pictures. Jean in GA