Sunday, April 22, 2012

Work is keeping me away from my sewing machines

I must apologize for not posting and not making more progress on Ms. Rusty.  My job has me traveling on the road and thus away from my work bench.  This past week had me in Puerto Rico and in a hotel room with an excellent view of the ocean (sometimes work really isn’t so bad). SO, since I can’t share any sewing machine adventures I thought I’d share a photo from my travel adventures.


Hope to be back soon sharing something more sewing machine related Smile

Sunday, April 1, 2012


This past week I removed all the plugs and tape from Ms. Rusty and was surprised how well they worked.  Not only did they (the plugs and tape) do a good job of preventing powder coating from going where it shouldn’t, but they were also very easy to remove.  Here is a photo of the interior of the needle area after all the plugs/tape/etc. have been removed:
All plugs and tape removed
However, there were a few areas that needed some touching up.  One area was the serial number plate.  I had forgotten to cover it with tape so it was completely covered with powder coating and clearcoat.  I tried using an razor knife to scrape it clean, but I ended up putting a gouge in Ms. Rusty’s new skin and I nearly cried.