Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bobbin Case Area

Today I took apart the bobbin case area.  The first steps were to remove the presser foot, needle, throat plate and slide plate.  These were very straight forward as it only involved removing the thumbscrews and two throat plate screws.  Here are the before and after pictures:

Presser Foot - 3No Throat Plate

The Assembly Manual then says to remove the bobbin case which requires you to “Rotate the balance wheel until end of rotating hook bobbin case retaining ring is toward front of machine”.  Well, I can’t do this since Ms. Rusty is so locked up (or rusty) that the gears won’t turn so I moved on to the next step – removing the feed dogs.

Feed dogsNo feed dogs

Then removed the rotating hook bobbin case position plate, which gave me pretty much free access to the whole rotating hook and bobbin case.

Rot hook Position plateRH pos plate removed

I then removed the rotating hook screw. This exposed the rotating hook position pin which is even more visible (not surprisingly) after lifting out the rotating hook, bobbin case and all. Isn’t all that crud underneath there just lovely?

removed RH screw RH position pin 

Now that the bobbin case and rotating hook were out of the machine, it was relatively easy to unsnap the bobbin case from the rotating hook.

Rot Hook & bobbin casehook and bobbin case

At this point it was a simple matter of cleaning the crud and grease off the parts with a bit of kerosene, followed by an over-night soak in Evapo-rust. 

After kerosene and before Evapo-rust  Before-ER_thumb 

And after a overnight soak in ER:After-Cleaning_thumb

Now that these parts are clean and shiny they will be ready to put back into Ms. Rusty when it is time for reassembly.

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