Saturday, August 6, 2011

Removing the Connecting Rods–Part 2

Last time we took out the Feed Connecting Rod.  This time we’ll tackle the Feed Forked Connection rod and Feed Regulator.  Before removing this part several other pieces need to be removed first, including:  balance wheel, motor, arm side cover, stitch indicator, and “feed forked connection eccentric hinge screw”.  All of these have already been removed from Ms. Rusty so we’re ready to go!

Remove feed regulator hinge screw and friction washer, which is located on the right hand side of the machine, below the balance wheel post.

Location:Feed Regulator Hinge screw & friction washer (wide angle)     After removal:hinge screw & friction washer

Removing this screw detaches the feed regulator, and in my case, both the feed regulator and feed forked connector rod fell off the drive shaft for easy removal from under the machine.

Here are few photos of the left and right hand side of the feed regulator and feed forked connection rod (FR&FRC for short)

of FFC&FR - wide angleof FFC&FR 2

Close-up of Left Hand Side LHS of FFC&FR

Feed regulator removed from FRC: FFC other side (flash) FFC with FR removed 2 (flash)FFC with FR removed (flash)

His is what Ms. Rusty looks like without her connecting rods:

View from bottom of arm:No connecting rods - bottom viewClose-up no rods

View from front through stitch regulator plate hole:  No connecting rods!

Since these parts didn’t have any visible rust, I cleaned them using only kerosene

All Connecting rod parts before cleaning:  Parts from Both rods removed

After cleaning:  Cleaned Rods (flash)

Now these parts are ready for re-install after Ms. Rusty has her facelift Smile

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