Sunday, August 21, 2011

Naked Ms. Rusty

Well, I guess “naked” depends on your definition.  Is paint skin or clothing?  In any case, here are photos of my girl with just her paint and decals:

Naked Front  Naked LeftNaked Right  Naked BottomFront Rust close-upNaked Back 

Here is a close-up of some of the rust lurking under her paint:Rust - close-up  Yuck!!Sick smile

To get rid of that nastiness, Ms. Rusty will be getting her own personal spa in Evapo-Rust.  The first problem is finding a container large enough to soak her in.  I had an old industrial sized mop bucket that fit the bill and Ms. Rust could lay on her side in the bottom of it. 

The second problem was finding enough Evapo-Rust to cover her.  I used 2 gallons, but it still wasn’t enough, so I filled one of the empty gallon bottles with water and put that in the the “bath” as displacement.  That worked well, but she still wasn’t quite covered, so I added some sand for further displacement.  Finally she was covered and could enjoy her bath.

Ms. Rusty Soaking:Ms. Rusty Soaking - 2

I let her soak over night, or about 30 hours, and then took her out and hosed her down to rinse off all the Evapo-rust.  Here are some photos after her bath. 

Back - after bath  Front - after bath Top - after bath

You’ll notice that the clear-coat finish has quite a bit of hazing/damage after her bath.  I suspect that is because Evapo-Rust is water based and got underneath the clear-coat in the rusty areas.  I don’t much care in this case since I’m blasting it all off anyway.

The next time you see Ms. Rusty will be after her “facial” (aka – sand blasting).


  1. After the bath how do you dry and prepare the metal surfaces that will not be blasted and painted?

  2. I found your blog today through Rain's blog. I read from the very beginning today :-) I can't wait till the next post with the new and shinny Ms. Rusty after sand blast and powder coat!!

  3. DreinPA - Excellent question! The prep work for Ms. Rusty just to get her ready for blasting is a bigger undertaking than I thought. I'll be covering the prep process in a future post.