Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss me?

First of all, let me apologize profusely for being away so very, very long.  Hopefully my absence hasn’t sent all of you running off to much more interesting venues, because I am having huge Ms. Rusty and blogging withdrawals that will be alleviated soon and I’d like to think someone is there to share the joy of continuing the process with me!

For those of you who are wondering where in the heck I’ve been, well here is the short version:

Computer Problems:  I’ve had 4 hard drives in 3 different computers crash on me.  It has been no small feat recovering from each failure, but I think we’re finally back in business.

Travel:  Work has sent me all over the word on business trips – including a week in Milan, Italy and a week in Puerto Rico.  I also went to Nebraska to help my Grandma celebrate her 90th birthday.  Grandma is still doing amazing and if I’m even half as spry and witty as her when I reach 90, I’ll be one happy woman!

Kitchen Remodel: There were problems with the remodel, including discovering the week before Thanksgiving that our refrigerator wouldn’t actually fit in the kitchen.  However, we are now FINALY done with the remodel and I am very happy with the results.  I can post pictures if anyone is interested, but it isn’t exactly sewing machine related.

Thanksgiving:  Dinner was at our house in the new kitchen and my mom was kind enough to come out for a long visit to help out. 

New Airplane:  My husband decided to sell his airplane in order to buy a new airplane kit. So, just when I thought I’d be able to get access to Ms. Rusty to start wrenching on her again, the garage is taken over by a huge 4’ x 4’ x 12’ box and a few other equally large boxes full of airplane stuff!  This weekend I’m helping my husband unpack the boxes and do inventory on them so I can finally access my workbench again!!

So, needless to say, the last two months have been very busy and none of it related to Ms. Rusty.  I could have bored you all to death with the gruesome details along the way, but I’m trying real hard to keep this blog focused on sewing machines. 

The good news is that I have absolutely no travel plans for Christmas and should be able to get time to work on Ms. Rusty.  The next post (hopefully in the next week or so) will be focused on masking off Ms. Rusty in preparation for bead blasting.  Don’t give up on me now (ha! ha!)


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad your kitchen remodel outcome was pleasant. I'd love to see pictures :)
    I'm curious the see Ms. Rusty is her new clothes.

  2. Not only would I like to see the kitchen photos, I would like to see the promised photos of the W&W9! (I received a head as a donation recently and am trying to make her look presentable- doesn't look like it'll ever happen; she's lived a tired life).

  3. Whatever you do to Ms.Rusty, and however long it takes you to get back to her, it will be worth the wait. Sometimes life gets in the way of the important stuff (like sewing machines).

    welcome back

  4. I had wondered what happened to Mrs Rusty and you. I've had the computer problems in the past. So sorry about that. It's very frustrating. I've been crazy busy in December, too. I'm just now trying to get caught up on my blog reading. I went almost a month with out posting.