Thursday, September 29, 2011

I’m Back!

I made it back from vacation safe and sound.  One of my first stops was my workbench to check on Ms. Rusty.  Thankfully she didn’t punish me for my absence as she is still rust free and waiting for her “facial” (aka – bead blasting).  Apparently that last dip in Evapo-rust did the trick!

Unfortunately, my kitchen remodel began the day after my return and forced me to put Ms. Rusty on the back burner once again.  This time, I can’t even get to my work bench because she is surrounded by appliances and other miscellaneous items moved into the garage to allow for the remodel.  We only had 1 day to empty the kitchen, living room and laundry room – otherwise I would have tried to find a way to make sure I had access to my girl.

Remodel neglect

On sewing machine related topic, my wonderful MIL and FIL gave me my birthday present while we were visiting them on our vacation.  They gave me a 1897 Wheeler & Wilson No. 9 treadle machine in a beautifully carved cabinet! (Thank you once again Mom and Pops!!!)  I hope to take some pictures of my new baby this weekend and share them with you. She is a beauty!

That’s all for now.  I’m off to paint the kitchen in preparation for the cabinet installation that begins tomorrow.  I’m so glad that the painting is the only thing we chose to do on our own for this remodel.  Otherwise it may be months, rather than weeks, before Ms. Rusty gets any attention! 

P.S.  For those that are curious – here is the current state of my kitchen.  I can’t wait until I have a sink and stove again so I can make home-cooked food rather than going out for every meal. Sad smile



  1. Looking forward to seeing the new treadle. Sorry about the kitchen, but, it'll look nice when you are done.