Thursday, July 21, 2011

Motor Cover

After I completed all my bead blasting and powder coating this past weekend, I then remembered my poor rusty motor cover.   Luckily, it didn’t take much to set things up again, but it was annoying that I didn’t remember it before now.
Here are a few photos of the motor cover fresh off of Ms. Rusty.
Motor removed - frontMotor removed - back
I soaked the cover in Evapo-rust overnight to get rid of as much surface rust as possible. I then took a stiff bristled brush to it to remove all the loose paint on the surface.  Surprisingly, the Evapo-rust removed quite a bit of the paint from the outside but left the inside surface completely intact.  I have been a bit concerned that the Evapo-rust was eating away at some of the paint, but this piece showed me it is just eliminating the rust that the paint was stuck to.  If there is no rust, the paint is unaffected.
inside motor cover after evapo-rustMotor cover after evapo-rust
Because the inside of the motor cover is in such good shape, I bead blasted only the outer surface.  The piece was then put through the powder coating process and here is the result.

After powder coating
Putting the cover back on the cleaned and repaired motor assembly was easy, and I was in for another surprise.  There is virtually no difference between the powder coated motor cover and the previously painted and/or Japanned motor base!
Completed motor - 1Complete motor - 2bcomplete motor - 3
So far, it’s easy to say I’m a big fan of powder coating Smile

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