Sunday, April 1, 2012


This past week I removed all the plugs and tape from Ms. Rusty and was surprised how well they worked.  Not only did they (the plugs and tape) do a good job of preventing powder coating from going where it shouldn’t, but they were also very easy to remove.  Here is a photo of the interior of the needle area after all the plugs/tape/etc. have been removed:
All plugs and tape removed
However, there were a few areas that needed some touching up.  One area was the serial number plate.  I had forgotten to cover it with tape so it was completely covered with powder coating and clearcoat.  I tried using an razor knife to scrape it clean, but I ended up putting a gouge in Ms. Rusty’s new skin and I nearly cried.
SN - before
I then took out my dremel tool and put on a sanding disk and carefully took off the layers of powder coat.  Then I took some fine steel wool and cleaned it up a bit more and smoothed out the edges.  The finished result isn’t perfect, but it still looks ok, in my opinion.
SN- After
Another area that needed some help was the bobbin area.  Apparently I didn’t do a thorough enough job of taping/sealing the area as there is some buildup of powder coat here.  However, after a good bit of careful sanding with coarse and then finer sand paper, the finished result is as good as new.
Before: powder coat for removal   After: excess powder coating removed

Lastly, there was some chipping of the clear coat that occurred when I took off the tape over the bobbin area.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get good pictures of this to show you.  A bit of sanding and polishing helped smooth out the area, but it isn’t perfect.  In the end, I wish thing had turned out a bit better, but Ms. Rusty looks 1000x better than before so I need to leave well enough alone for now. 
Next time I promise we’ll start getting some parts back on this old girl!


  1. You're doing an awesome job on Ms. Rusty! I admit to being a little leary of the powder coat idea, but she's beautiful!

  2. Oh good, you fixed the serial number! Lol, I was like, what did she do?? :oD You are an amazing (and crazy) lady to take on this project! I bought a 1947 201, but I think all it needs is cleaning and oiling/greasing. I can't image taking a machine apart!