Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet Ms. Rusty’s new sisters


I recently acquired a few “new” machines.  My father-in-law went to a swap meet to look at old automobiles, but ended up buying a few sewing machine treasures for me rather than car parts for himself.  My mother-in-law calls him a “pusher” for my addiction (lol).  I like what he is pushing so I’m not about to complain!!

New Wilson manufactured by the A.G. Mason Manufacturing Company in Cleveland, Ohio.  It’s a shuttle machine and came in a bentwood case. My FIL has the case right now to repair the latch so here are pictures of the machine without the case. I don’t know if it originally had a motor, but I strongly suspect the motor on it now is a replacement or aftermarket model.

New Wilson - FrontNew Wilson - BackNew Wilson - Bed Decal

The A.G. Mason company was only in existence from 1903 to 1916, so this machine is about 100 years old.  Other than learning that the A.G. Mason company was acquired by the Domestic Sewing Machine Company in 1916, I don’t know anything else about the New Wilson sewing machines, so if any of you out there know more, I love to hear about it!

Singer Treadle

The serial number on this machine is AA-738142 so information available on the ISMACS website indicates that this baby is a Model 66 made in late 1925.  The decals on this machine are in really good shape and the cabinet is also in good condition.  It has some surface rust on the chrome parts, but unlike Ms. Rusty, this machine can actually make a decent stitch in it’s present condition.  It shouldn’t take much to get her looking good and running great!

Singer Treadle - Base and HeadSinger Treadle - Head TopSinger Treadle - Head BackSinger Treadle - Head Front 2

Singer 306k

This one I can’t blame on my FIL.  I bought this one myself at a yard sale.  It is a 306k and probably the newest model Singer in my collection.  I can’t find a thing wrong with the machine at this point and it just needs a bit of cleaning to be in great condition.  The cabinet is also in pretty decent shape, but could use some refinishing to get rid of some wear marks and scratches.

back of 306Frontdialstop lhs of cabinet

As you can see, I will have plenty of projects to work on when Ms. Rusty is finished.  The two biggest questions on my mind at this point are: 1) will I EVER finish Ms. Rusty? and 2) which project should I start on next?


  1. I love the 306. Just remember... it takes a 206X13 needle.

  2. Great comment! I haven't looked through the manual yet and wasn't aware of that crucial bit of information :)

  3. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo... don't know which one you should start on next. What fun you will be having. I was gifted a Pfaff on Friday, but, I haven't had time to play with it. It needs a base to start with. It sewed the last time the old owner used it.

  4. The 306 is one of my favorite machines, and it treadles nicely too (substitute a spoked handwheel). Love watching the exterior cam spin around!

    Some of them have been retimed to take standard needles, but apparently this is a bad idea. If yours came with a needle in it you can check the length against a regular needle--they are distinctly different. I've read that re-re-timing them back to the original setting is easy but timing is a skill I have not yet acquired.

  5. How did you determine the age of your A>G> Mason/New Wilson? I have one that belonged to my grandmother. It has this serial number: 5111795. I can find no date on the machine, which is a portable packed in a wooden box. It has a peddle and attached motor. The electrical cords are shot; but several years ago, when I tried it, it actually worked. My grandmother also had a treadle machine but it was lost to water damage. This one most likely predated the treadle machine.

  6. I also have a New Wilson, it has a broken shuttle carrier. Do you know of any place that would have one? How about the decals/or how to replace them? Really curious about the machines age. I think around 1913-1916? Thank you for any information you can give me.

  7. are you still collecting machines.....I too have an addiction to sewing machines ...I did not know there where others out there...I just found a new Wilson at the good will.where I go to get my fix...the one I have has never had a motor so I would suspect it was an add I just have to find a belt and would like a couple of spare shuttles..thanks